New soaps and good news

 What a fun time I had   

Don't you just love those soaps I created last week.   Some cup cakes, lollipops,  flowers and an Oreo Cookie. 

For me, soaping is creating art with a different medium. 
I truly enjoy playing around with forms, colors and smell while creating soaps looking like food. 

What is difficult at times,  is finding molds which are not too expensive to help with the creativity. 

If you are interested into purchasing my soaps you can find them all along with the rest of my products at:

 I still haven't posted those special one on my site but  if you are interested into buying these please send me an email I will send you the price and details. 

Good news

On the 24th of February I was interviewed by our local television station.  They came to the studio.

Flowers and Oreo Cookie plus this new colorful soap
 The experience was amazing.  The crew stayed over from 9am to 1.00pm.  It was amazing.  I was actually shocked to see all the equipment they needed to produce a show.  The interview will be on tv on march 3rd.  Afterward it will be available on the net.  I will  post it in my blog for your viewing as soon as it's available

Display in my studio


Vernita Hoyt said…
The new soaps are wonderful! I'm in love with them.
martinealison said…
Bonjour chère amie,

Je suis sous le charme !! Comme j'aimerais voir tout ça en vrai !!

Je serai aux Etats-Unis du 26 septembre au 18 octobre...
Gros bisous à toi

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