So much with little time

Hello everyone,

Gee!  Have you look at the date on my last post.  Wa!  that's horrible.  Such a long time ago.  

Lots has happened since then but I will spare you the details they are pretty boring.  Just know that life is getting back on track and I'm getting better with time.  (Suffering from major anxiety problems)  

I love this painting 36'' x 36''.  I was actually trying new products and decided to keep like this.  It reminds me of some parts of Utah I visited while being a trucker.  I can almost see the Indians on top of the hill.  Can you ? (I no longer truck my body won't allow it anymore)  Youppi!  back to art.

Also,  I've been working on getting my soap shop back together but it's a slow and long process.

I need to redo all my products (almost done), my internet site is just about done and things are getting together just fine.

You can follow the soap shop on facebook for the moment until my site is online.

Voilà for now!  I will be back before next June hahaha.....  Take care for the moment!


martinealison said…
Bonjour ma chère Christiane,

Je suis très heureuse d'admirer une de tes nouvelles oeuvres, si différente mais demeure "toi" !
Je lis que beaucoup de choses heureuses démarrent pour toi et cela me réjouis car tu le mérites tant. Finie la route ! mais je crois que même si cela fut extrêmement difficile pour toi, elle t'aura apportée des couleurs, des formes, des images qui vont nourrir tes peintures. Bravo ma belle artiste !

Je t'embrasse affectueusement,

Gros bisous ♡

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