Looking for a name

Today's painting.  Watercolor 24'' x 30'' 

Good day everyone!

I'm really happy with this painting and what fun it was to create.  My regular pallet is usually filled with pink and purple so working with the blue and green was pretty different for me. 

The fun part about this painting is the fact that it created itself.  Yes!!  it did I just followed the movement. 

Can you help me find a name for it ?


martinealison said…
Bonjour ma chère Christiane,

Je suis désolée mais je ne peux pas visualiser la photo de ton oeuvre... seulement sur la toute petite icône dans ma liste de lecture.
Je suis heureuse toutefois car tu travailles bien !
Je te fais plein de

Gros bisous ♡
Marco Luijken said…
Hello Christiane,
What a wonderful painting.
So great with the bright colors of the flowers. You've done this very well.
My compliments!!
A name... I would call it "Spring time"..!!

Many greetings,

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