New work - Nouvel oeuvre


New work 36'' x 36'' Acrylic on canvas no frame required. Depending on your screen the colors will vary from the original. I'm totally happy with this, in real life it has beautiful textures. It was lots of fun to create. I'm planning a minimum of 10 large pieces and will expose afterward with also 10 watercolors.    This painting is for sales

Nouveau 36'' x 36'' acrylique sur canevas aucun encadrement requis. Dépendamment votre écran les couleurs vont variées. Je suis ravie de cet oeuvre en vrai elle a d'excellentes textures. Je planifie faire un minimum de 10 oeuvres pour exposer avec 10 aquarelles.   Cet oeuvre est a vendre


Marco Luijken said…
Hello Christiane,
This has become beautiful. Great that progress in colors.
A lot of work, with a good result. Wonderful.

Many greetings,

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