Creativity exercice

This morning I decided to do a little creativity exercise and this is the result.

Step 1.  Apply water all over the paper;
Step 2.  Spread gently the colors, in this case only 2 colors:  Phtalo blue and
             Winsor Violet;
Step 3.  Spread a little bit of plastic paper in this case at 3 places;
Step 4.  Wait for everything to dry;
Step 5.  Remove the plastic paper and try to find some subjects in the painting.

In this case I saw a flower and a butterfly so I used some colors to amplify the subjects.  After it was darkened I applied a bit of Iridescent medium for watercolor but only in a couple of places.

This is a fun game to play and it sure helps with your creativity. 


Marco Luijken said…
Hello Christiane,
So amazing how you've made this.
A wonderful work of art. This deserved a nice spot.

Many greetings and a happy easter,

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