Finally! found

Hello everyone!

Finally, I have found a nice little nest to retire to.  A small house by the lake up north in the beautiful Laurentides Quebec region in (Canada).  It will be a pleasure to finally enjoy a place again  after leaving the farm on April 25th. 

It's the perfect place to paint and enjoy art.  Next year will be a year of small project, I have to figure out where to put a studio.  Of course it would have been best to find a house with all of that but,  houses on a lake don't come cheap around here so I had to find an affordable place with potential area that met my budget and that, my friends was a challenge in itself.  But I did it. 

The picture represents the kind of ambiance I will be aiming for.   A soft and feminine retreat.  Our course it will be done one area at the time slowly but surely.  My interior designer skills will have to come back out.  They've been away for a long time.  But all and all there isn't much to do with the place it's pretty good as it it for the moment. 

So let's enjoy life by the water !


Ona Kingdon said…
so glad you have found a good place you ca call home. You will have lots of fun decorating it :)
Thank you Ona that's nice of you to write a message xx hope you are well.
martinealison said…
Bonjour ma chère Christiane,

Je suis vraiment très heureuse de te lire à nouveau... Le temps passe. Souvent, je me suis dit je n'ai plus de nouvelle... Je vais lui envoyer un mail.
Et puis, les aléas de la vie font qu'on ne fait pas toujours ce qu'on souhaiterait faire...
Je suis impardonnable !
Je suis contente de lire aussi que tu as trouvé un petit nid... Tu vas pouvoir construire un nouveau bonheur.
Je suis certaine que cela doit être un endroit fantastique. Tu vas peindre sereinement.
J'ai hâte de voir tes prochaines créations.
Je te fais de gros gros bisous... Je commence mon exposition à Gassin la semaine prochaine... en ce moment je cours !!

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