This picture is of Hunter my little grand son.  I miss him and wish I could be much closer to my son and his wife.  They live in High Level Alberta, 6 hours north of Edmonton, Alberta. 

Well guess what, thanks to my wonderful boss tomorrow I'm parking the truck and heading up to High Level to see them.  He has given me a load up here in Edmonton and arranged that I could take a few days to visit.  I will be parking the truck renting a car and heading their way.  I'm so happy.

I also miss painting  very much.  I know it's a question of time before I get back into a studio but in the mean time it's hell missing it.

Everyone tells me sketch while on the road but you know what, free time is rare and when I do get some I go to sleep.  I'm always so tired.

Wishing you all a great sunday while I sit in Edmonton, Alberta waiting to deliver a load tomorrow  before heading up to High Level..


That's a cute little fellow! Wow, your boss sounds like a very caring person. Have a wonderful visit with your family. Do you drawing inside your head for the next couple of days... you'll come home full of creative ideas for the next piece. Drive Safely!

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