Back home

 Good morning and happy Valentine day everyone.

I'm finally back home after months out on the road but sadly I must leave again this tuesday.  I'm hoping the farm will sell soon that way I will be back in the studio painting my joy away.  I dearly miss it.

I took some time yesterday to paint and decided to do a little on this huge one.  I still have a couple of unfinished one in the studio but this one was talking too me. 
There are so many candies on it.  It's a challenge but a wonderful one. 

Today, we have a snow storm going on and I'm alone at home so guess what.  I will be painting all day youppi.  


Jane said…
Hello Christiane , how nice to hear from you again ! Looking forward to seeing some new works from you , this one is huge indeed ! xx
JOlie composition en cours !
Pa de neige ici à Paris !
Have a nice day !
Jane hello, thanks a bunch for stopping by. I lack time to paint so much lately.

Cath. Thanks a lot.
Linda said…
Beautiful, lovely colours. Bonjour de Montreal.

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