Work in progress

36 " x 36"
This is a work in progress I'm playing with when time becomes available.  It's rare that I play with acrylic paints but I felt like using them.  I intended to keep on painting today before hitting the highways on tuesday but I have a house visit at 1 o'clock so  I will get to paint in 4 weeks upon my return.  Keep on trucking ! 

I'm praying so hard for my house to sell it's hurting inside.  Have you ever been in a place you once love that is now makes you sick and sad all the time.  It's my case.  I own a beautiful farm I now call my jail. 


j'adore les tulipes les couleurs que tu as choisies sont sublimes!
Unknown said…
Ooh.. I like this! I thought it was finished, but then read your post. I hope the house sells for you, but that does sound heartwrenching to have to sell it. I hope it all works out for the best for you!
Cath merci beaucoup c'est gentil.
Katherine thanks for the comment. Actually for the house I'm ready to move on. It's a huge place and hard to take care alone.

Linda said…
It is beautiful, Christiane. Bonjour de Montreal!
Jane said…
Oh this is looking good Christiane, you can paint with anything ! And wish you so much luck with the sale ...know exactly what you mean. xx

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