On there way!

Yesterday was a sad but very positive day.  My son, his wife and little one left for their new home.  They are moving up North (all the way north) to live in the town of High Level, Alberta

'"High Level is a town in northern Alberta, Canada.  It is located at the intersection of the Mackenzie Highway (Highway 35) and Highway 58, approximately 733 kilometers (55 mi) north of Edmonton and 725 kilometers (450 mi) south of Yellowknife, Northwest territories.  It is located within Mackenzie country and was founded in 1947."  (source from Wikipedia)

I had an idea this morning,  Why not get a watercolor and soap workshop together and get up there during winter to teach.  They would probably be interested. 

I'm wishing them lots of love and success.  I'm sure it will require a bit of getting used to but in the end it will be fun.  


Aw, I completely understand the words 'sad but positive'.... You want them to spread their wings and fly, but yet... you want them tucked under your own wing too. Beautiful family photo. :)
Katherine thank you for stopping by it's appreciated.

You said it exactly like it is. Sad but happy!

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