The artist life

Life as an artist.  What a pleasure to spend time in the studio cleaning today.  You know what they say;  when an studio is clean no work is being done.  But honestly I had to clean up it was a real mess in there.  Now back to painting  and guess what,  I will be trying fabric dye.

I have long taught about doing my art on fabric and now it's time to try it.  I get bored at times when I paint on canvas or paper.  Actually I miss the manual labor part of it.  So I wondered how about doing my art on fabric.   Why not.  I'm trying to figure out a way to use my interior design to create special and unique pieces that  can either  be used on the wall or as unique style.  (ie.  bedspread, curtains, shower curtains etc...)  It's in my head I just need to create it.

I'll give it try!  Of course I will not stop watercolor.  As a friend said to me lately blood does not flow in my veins watercolor does.


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