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Good morning,

Yesterday was a busy day spent between the studio and the field.  Summer on the farm is such a busy time.  The ideal situation would be to drive during the winter months and work on the farm in the summer.  Better yet the top rated situation would be to work in the studio all year around. 

Back to the present project.  I'm really having lots of fun playing around with the free motion foot on the sewing machine.  I tried to design a landscape using fabric I have on hand and I'm pleased with the result.  My first idea was to create a wall mural but the size and layout is just perfect to be used as a cushion.    So, a cushion it will become. 

The colors of this next picture aren't the best please refer to step one they are the real colors.

Step one
Step two

If you click on the picture you will notice some texts. 
They explain what I did (just in case it's not clear hihi... ) 

Have fun laughing and enjoy the ride.


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