It's a new day in the studio

All I feel like doing at the moment is paint. 

No cleaning, no driving no grass cutting just paint.  After finishing the butterfly and the apple paintings I told myself I would take a little break, but I can't. 

I just have the urge to paint.  I have started another full sheet.  I love large format because it allows me to use lots of water to move the pigment around to create soft gradation. 

This is the palette I'm using:

Daniel Smith Phtalo blue, Sap green and Undersea green , Naples Yellow, Cobalt Turquoise and Paynes Gray.  Winsor Newton Winsor Yellow, Permanent Rose and Hooker Green.  I will not be adding any more colors. 
Step one / Étape un

In step one I have done a contour drawing of the subject.  Doing that allows me to be free and follow my inspiration.  Then I applied masking all around.  It makes it easier to work on the background. 
Step two / Étape deux

Step two I have applied multiple layers of colors using the water as a vehicle to more it around.  I love to raise the paper and see the result when dried. 

Now it's coffee break ! 


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