Fun and play

Good morning everyone,

Here is step one of a learning phase.  The goal is to learn to use the sewing machine with a free style foot in order to create some designs in the background.  For now I have used fabric found in the closet.  Colors don't really matter at this time but the main idea will be to dye my own.

I know !   I'm usually a vivid lover of colors, and trust me my shopping basket at Dharma textiles is completed and filled with beautiful vivid colors.   Of course the color pink is present in the shopping basket hihi...  But shopping will have to wait for the moment.  First things first !

For this time I have sewn the pieces together except for the trees and birds.  For them,  I will be using double sided fuseable interfacing.  (If I can find some in my closet)  otherwise I will try to sew them.  

Then,  it will be  party time with the sewing machine.  Youppi!  Good luck Christiane hihi....  

I'll keep you posted


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