UPDATED - Work in progress

Moving right along slowly this painting is coming together beautifully.  So far, I'm pleased with the result.
Have you ever done a painting that made you feel special.  This one is doing exactly that.  I keep looking at it saying to myself:  '' hey!  your are creating this painting girl'' it makes me feel good and believe me,  lately I need that.  

As for the apples and lavender flowers they are progressing slowly as well.  I'm coming back to the brushes on day at the time enjoying every minute of it.  

Updated apples 

The apples are created using the wet onto wet technique, one layer at the time.  What do you think ? 

I need to add some light to the green apple and work on the back apple.  Both paintings are full sheet.

Stay tune!


I have worked some more on the apples and started the lavender.  The flowers will only be a suggestion of the flowers not totally realistic.  I want to keep the apples as primary subjects.


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