Painting away!

Started working on this girl again.
Wonderful to be home again!

I've been busy both in the studio and in the soap business.  I have closed the soap boutique and am now working on a new marketing plan for the soap and body products.

I have to do a new marketing plan to develop my soap shop internet site because it's not moving much.  Any of you have ideas in this field.  I have so many products not on there yet.  It's hard to do everything by myself but I will succeed that's for sure.

Here are a couple of sketches I did this morning and two of the paintings I started a while back.  I back into them both enjoy the brushes and the paint.

Part of an apple and lavender painting

I tried to download a full picture of this apple painting but for some strange reason it comes up on the wrong side and I can't turn it around.  At least, you can see the green apple up close.  It's done using the wet into wet technique applying layers after layers of colors.  Loving it all the way!
Daily sketch
Daily sketch


Jane said…
Your girl is looking really great, looking forward to seeing the finished result, and the way you use color in all your works is so beautiful, freshness and transparence .
Jane as always your comment is warm and welcome. Thank you very much.

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