Life changes

I remember when André was here I used to submerge myself in art.  There wasn't a day where I didn't get up in the morning looking so forward to sending time in the studio.  How time have changed. 
It's so sad how life can just change in a matter of minutes even second.  On day your happy living a great life and the next it all fall to pieces. 

Maybe I'm in a rot, maybe I'm just way too tired or just plain getting to a point where I have a hard time finding solutions for a long lasting problem but one thing I do know is that I miss art so very much. 

My head is filled with paintings, pictures to be done or projects I could so easily accomplish but my body will not react.    It's empty, empty of life once so amazingly filled with colors.   I miss the life I used to have.  I miss time when I was creating all day dreaming of shapes, shadows or colors. 

Where is this life ??

I miss you dear studio


Helen Shideler said…
Christiane, we miss your art as well! I am sending you hugs and so many good wishes. Please feel better soon! thinking of you.....
Helen thank you so very much. xxxx

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