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Finally home for two days.  I had an horrible week this week but what can we do they all can't be beautiful can they.

Enfin je suis à la maison pour deux jours.  Cette semaine fût horrible.  Que du temps perdu et des voyages non plaisants.  Mais bon ils ne peuvent pas être toujours formidables.

Jazz my German Sheapard was finally with me in the truck this week.  He is really wonderful and easy to care for but I will not be taking him back.  I fear he is lonely.  Jazz was raised on a farm running and playing outside all the time.  Although very happy to be with me he spent most of his time in the bed behind me. 

Jazz mon berger allemand est venu faire un voyage avec moi.  Quel joie de l'avoir dans le camion.   Il est facile mais surtout hyper gentil.  Malheureusement il restera à la maison maintenant.  Il a été élevé sur la ferme à courrir et jouer et je trouve difficile pour lui d'être confiné dans un camion des heures durant. 
 When I look at his eyes I can't accept that they seem sad at times.  He was a great pleasure to be with.  I will miss him so very much but when we love you must let go right.

Lorsque je regarde ces yeux je les trouve tristes.  Je n'aime pas le voir comme ca.  je le remercie de sa compagnie il a été un grand plaisir pour moi.  Je vais n'ennuyer de lui horriblement mais lorsqu'on aime on laisse vivre!

 This is the interior of the truck.  You see the bedroom, kitchen etc... hahaha.   It's big enough don't worry.

Ici vous voyez l'intérieur.  Toutes les pièces d'une maison dans une seul petit carré. 

Boring life for a dog! Maybe boring for me too finally.  When the house finally sell I will get

 Une vie plutôt triste pour un grand chien.  Je l'aime tant.  

Une vie peut-être un peu triste pour moi aussi finalement.  Un jour lorsque la fermette sera vendue je retournerai dans les arts à temps complet.  Priez pour qu'elle soit vendue au plus vite!



V. Bridges Hoyt said…
Sorry your week wasn't so great and that it wasn't so great for your dog. You are so caring and observant and will do the best thing for both of you.
Awww, you love that dog so much that you want what is best for him, even if it means not having him with you... that's real love, my friend, and pulls at my heartstrings. He will miss you, even as he's skipping around in the woods and the farmyard. I never saw inside one of those big trucks! It looks cozy!
Thank your for your comments.

Nita it's nice of you to say that. Jazz is an amazing animal I know he will miss me but I don't like seeing him like this all day. Not moving and sleeping. Mind you it's the same at home when Sylvie goes to work but he has a large space to move and his brother with him.

Katherine love is an important thing in life.

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