I'm a hard believer that each of us have some kind of protection and guidance in this world.  I love angles.  When ever I can I try to buy one and while in Tennessee I had a few minutes to shop so I picked up this one.  I'm sure they can be found around here too,  but it spoke to me and I took it.

It's called the angle of freedom.  I need freedom so bad at the moment.   I need to be able to enjoy life the way it was meant to be.  Free!  no more big house to take care of no more unnecessary bills to pay,  just freedom.

My body is tired and energy less lately.  It takes all of my remaining energy to do one day at the time. 

Please,  dear angle,  send me some freedom! 


Jane said…
Yes, I agree on the big houses, they can be a burden...sometimes less is more, really ! Makes life easier and more free. Wish you well .
Thank you Jane you are so true.
Unknown said…
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