Daily sketch

Morning sketch
Good morning,

Funny how we realize things with age.  I think I like the color pink.  Would you say that. ??  I am drawn to everything that has this color in it.  It can range from light pink to red but one thing is for sure it makes me happy.

But !  52 years to realize it is a long time  :)  You all saw pictures of my studio but,  not the house.

I have enclosed a couple of pictures of the living area as well as the hallway to the bedroom.  See the color ??  Pretty close to pink isn't it.   hahha.

Sewing area

Small painting area

 I'm heading to the Soap shop  where I need to create a new soap.  I know I presently have 62 different kinds but I need to create.  Some will be removed from the inventory (because they don't sell)  but I bet a pink soap will.

Pink is hard to do in soap without having the proper pigments.  I'm lacking lots of inventory right now so I will try to create with what I have.  Let's pray !

Living area
Hallway to bedrooms

Oh by the way!  I own a horse farm with 48 acres of beautiful land and it's for sale.  If anyone is interested you can let me know I will provide the details.


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