Road follow-up

Hello everyone

First let me apologize for being so silent lately.  It's not always easy to have spare time when on the road.  I know no excuse but here I am.

I've done many trips since I last talked to you but because I don't remember even my name lately I will only post pictures of this present trip.  I'm presently sitting in a Flying J truck stop on highway 64 in Kentucky in the United States.  I left Winnipeg Manitoba two days ago heading to Virginia for the 11th.

It seems that at the moment I get up drive, stop and go to bed so time for that.  Good night see you soon.  

 Ya!  it's a bird poopoo right in the middle go figure. 

Proud to be a Bison driver:  took this in a restaurant on the way. 

 I found this tunnel real pretty in Kentucky.


martinealison said…
Ma chère Christiane bonjour,
Je te sens un peu lasse... et tu as cependant encore l'énergie de prendre quelques photos. J'aime beaucoup !! Ton oeil d'artiste ne t'abandonne pas...
Je te fais de gros bisous et bonne nuit à toi.
(moi je ne dors plus, il est maintenant 2h23 et ma journée comence!)
Anonymous said…
incroyable Christine qui vit " le salaire du la peur";;; je t'admire: Thibault
Jane said…
Dear Christiane, wish you all the best and really admire your versatility and character . xx
Janet Belich said…
CHRISTIANE !!!! Are you coming through the Washington, DC area on your way back ????
Jane Freeman said…
I suspect you never have time to stop...I wish you could...Verena is down south, Carrie is Alabama and Cindy is South Bend, Indiana and Mary Chicago...always remember Janet is Germantown, Maryland right outside Baltimore and she will come find you if you give her time...Can you keep us posted at Lingo or Artcolony so we know where you are? I sure hope you are not in these storms that are passing through you!

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