Road closure hwy 17 west of Nipigeon

Hello everyone,

Here are a few pictures of the road today.   It was so bad that the OPP (Ontario provincial police) closed some section of the trans canada highway.   I'm now stopped in Nipigeon. Normally it's a 4 hours ride from Wawa where I slept last night.  It took me 7 hours to get here in these conditions.    Apart from the wind, the road was on ice.  Real bad and difficult conditions specially when driving a truck that weight 79,000 pounds. 

One thing people don't seem to understand about trucks is that the weight pushes us forward going down hill.  Normally we can use our Jake breaks which is actually the engine compressing and helping to slow down the vehicle.  On icy, snowy and wet conditions we cannot use the Jake breaks so we must go down hill at a very very slow pace.  This is causing another situation.   Because of the weight of the vehicle and the acceleration caused by it, we must use the normal break of both the truck and the trailer we are pulling.  Often the pressure applied for a long period of time will cause the breaks to over heat resulting in fire.  Yeap!   That's why we start on top of the hill at very low speed applying pressure to lower our speed of 10 km and release and repeat until down hill.  

Not easy is it.  So please when ever you follow a truck going down hill please be patient.  And please pretty please in difficult weather conditions or even normal conditions DO NOT FOLLOW TO CLOSE we actually loose sight of the car behind us.  It becomes very dangerous in cause of emergency stop or even emergency manoevers.

weather conditions in northern ontario today:



Rochelle Cathey said…
I'll be on the edge of my seat until you post again...those pictures show horrific conditions.
Rochelle thanks for stopping by and don't worry roads are still closed I won't leave until morning. I don't drive at night. ciao
Jane Freeman said…
Oh my...that is awful. I am so glad you are safe. Sleep well as you will need it and hopefully tomorrow the roads will be much better!!!
Jane said…
Thanks for the tips...and take care !
Janie I slept like a log. Jane nice to see you here thanks for the stopping by. :)

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