In wawa for the night

Hello everyone, 

20.40 pm just stopped the truck for the night.  I'm in Wawa a little tiny down west of Sault Ste Marie in Ontario.  This is where I will spend the night.  My day will probably start around 6am tomorrow morning.   I have to get to Dryden Ontario asap.  It's about a 10 hours drive still.  I'm running late in my schedule because of a tire break in Quebec.  Oh well that's life right.

I always try to do my very best but comes a time when the hours just get going and you become tired.  I drove for 11 hours today so enough I'm tired.

Here is a picture I took today in the mountains of Ontario

Too bad it's not sunny because the view was marvelous.  This second picture is a little something I picked up in Virginia last week.  I keep it with me like a little companion.  Love it.  Of course the color is  my favorite  (pink).  If I press the belly he makes the sound of a monkey it's too funny.  When ever I get tired and sad I listen to him hahaha.  Cheers me up. !  

sorry I can't stay long I'm going to bed.  Thinking of you all.  xxx


martinealison said…
Ma chère Christiane bonjour,
Ce matin en te lisant sur mon blog, tes mots m'ont beaucoup touchés et je t'en remercie beaucoup.

Maintenant en lisant ceux de ta publication, je te sens fatiguée. Je me doute que tu aies envie de vite rentrer chez toi... Il ne doit pas être simple que de se retrouver à changer le pneu d'un tel engin !...
Le retard pris ne doit pas te faire prendre des risques. Prends soin de toi.
La photo que tu nous montres est remarquable. Le site est beau. Tu dois avoir envie de faire des croquis à chaque tournant...
Que cette petite mascotte te protège ma chère amie.
Gros bisous à toi.

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