How fun!

Hello, bonjour

Well what a week.  Since friday the 5th I've traveled many miles.  I started my trip with a pick up in Montreal and followed up in Canada through Ontario and Winnipeg.  From there I headed down to United states and did the following; 

 North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin,  Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, back to West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York.

Back to Canada tonight in Ontario where I will sleep to finish my trip back in Montreal tomorrow.   I went from freezing temperature to hot weather  back to freezing snow tomorrow.  How different !  I had a great week saw many places (on the highway of course) and chatted with people from all over the place.  Funny how the language accents are different from one place to another.   The most amazing one was in Kentucky and North Carolina.  Wow I had a hard time to understand what they said.

I have highlighted with a green line the places I've been too.  Tomorrow is back home youppi!  I miss my dog and friends.


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