Did I talk about this!

Being an art lover myself, I always make a point while rolling in small town to check the neighbor for special art pieces. 

Sadly I can't remember exactly where this one was but I stopped right in the middle of the boulevard with my 18 wheelers to take a picture.  I just had to show you.  Isn't this special.  It looks like rope but it was make of iron I think.  Please correct me if I'm wrong I'm not too familiar with the difference between the metals.  

Did I show you these two paintings I started.  Two of many actually.  I have a tendency of doing more than one at the time which is not a great thing to do when you lack time to paint.  When I was in the studio it was easy.  When one dries the next one is there waiting for you etc, but when you don't have time to work they accumulate.   

The blue painting is a free style just waiting to be discovered.  I have applied the first splash of colors and am now waiting to see what my inspiration will bring next.   As for the flower I have worked on it more and will wait to show you the result. 

As far as truck driving goes, I'm now sitting duck in Toronto since last night.  My truck is in the shop being treated for differential seal leakage.   A full day of doing nothing hoping to get home in the morning.   I can't wait to be home.  I'm taking the truck home to teach Jazz how to get in.  He has been fully accepted as a fleet dog and is now allowed in full time ready to cross the border.  Youppi!  I will have driving partner.  I'm not sure how this will work out but hey!  we will see right.   I don't have a problem with him just the hair lost but I did buy a small vacuum for the truck.  Let's take a bet I will loose my bed during the day hahahaha.  Ok I will bring him a blanket to put on top that's for sure. 

Please give me your idea and feeling in regards to the art piece on top I think it's original and special.   Not mine the one in cast iron hahaha.


martinealison said…
Bonjour ma chère Christiane,
Wouaou! J'avais manqué ta précédente publication ! Quel courage tu as de rouler avec tes 18 roues sous une telle tempête de neige et de glace...
Tu as toute mon admiration.

J'espère que ta dernière panne aura vite été résolue et que tu puisses vite rentrer chez toi.

Merci de nous montrer tes deux dernières oeuvres en cours.
J'aime beaucoup les nuances de couleurs dans celle de ta photo de gauche. Le soleil qui joue dans le ciel...
Cette peinture avec la fleur présage une belle création. J'aime déjà le détail des petites fibres et le merveilleux contraste qui se dessine déjà.
Je te fais de gros bisous et sois très prudente. je pense fort à toi.
Gros bisous

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