Just me

Hello everyone watching.

 I have finally managed to get someone to take a picture.  Here I am with my truck.  Funny how big this truck looks in the yard.  I'm so used to be around other trucks either on the road or at truck stops that when I got home this time I just about died when I saw the size. 

I've been driving west in Canada to the city of Winnipeg and then south of the border in the United States to North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin to finally head back home after three weeks.  I will be leaving tomorrow morning but I haven't got a clue where as  yet.

I have packed my watercolors along with a pad and brushes.  Hopefully this time I will have the time to stop at night and paint.  My previous trip was really busy and lacking rest hours.  By the time I stopped at night I just went to bed.

Hope to see you soon!


martinealison said…
Si tu n'étais pas si loin je viendrais bien peindre avec toi dans ton atelier roulant... Et quel atelier, dis-moi! Wouhaou ! C'est vraiment un sacré engin !
J'ai hâte de pouvoir admirer tes prochaines oeuvres.
Ces jours-ci je suis encore si occupée... Les aléas de la vie, et quelle vie !...
Je te fais de gros bisous et prends du temps pour toi ma chère amie.

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