Lavender spice

Bonjour, Hello

La voici toute heureuse et à la dance.  J'aurais aimé que les cheveux soient plus doux plus transparent mais avec les couleurs du fond j'ai du opter pour plus sombre.  Je suis ravie des couleurs de la toile.  Elle mesure 36'' x 24'' sur un papier Arches 300 lbs.

Here she is dancing and happy.  I wish the hair were a bit softer and more transparent but with the background colors I had to pick something darker.  Love the colors that's for sure.  It's so sunny and bright.

It mesures 36'' x 24'' on Arches paper 300lbs.


Jane said…
You created a wonderful transparence in her veil and a beautiful movement. A wonderful and interesting work . xox
Wow, I love the new piece, Christiane. The swirl of graceful movement and the colors you used... it really sets the imagination in flight. It's wonderful! I like the title too, the way it relates to scents and flowers and earthy feelings. Very nicely done! Have a great day!

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