Work in progress / En production

Hello everyone (français à venir)
I'm glad to show you what is now sitting on the painting table in the studio.  I'm not too sure about the composition I'm afraid the pink will not show enough but we'll see with time.
In order to do the background I used masking fluid all over the subject.  It was easier to use the wet onto wet technique.  I used Sap green, french ultramarine blue, indigo and new gamboge.  I applied the colors sporadically making sure they would fit next to one another.  I'm very happy with the result. 
Also, I've been working very hard in the soap shop.  I have a XMas order for (250 lavender products  plus I'm working for some upcoming XMas craft fairs.  Oh I'm so busy.  My nights are very short at the moment and the wrinkles are gaining ground.  Gee!  I'll be able to use my face as a map pretty soon hhih.

Chocolat and mint / chocolat et menthe
  I have also opened a Facebook account for the soap shop.  You can find us online and become friends searching for:  La Savonnerie Christiane Fortin :  

Or, another way to stay in touch and purchase some soap products will be via the internet site.  I plan on having it online in about a week or so.  It's lots of work but I'm enjoying every minute spent creating it.  


Very pretty painting. Is the little butterfly modeling for you in your studio? That would be a wonderful scene to imagine. :)
Jane said…
My dear Christiane, I am glad you are so busy, it shows you are successful, and in times of crisis it is so nice to hear somebody 'complaining' about having too much work. Your painting really is coming along well, looking forward to seeing the finished result.
Big hug !
Katherine I sure would enjoy having this model live but I'm afraid it would be frozen at the moment. Winter is creeping in..

Jane thank you. I lack painting time right now but I try to go regularly. It's ended a happy situation to be busy right now. I'm planing so many things at once. The winter will be spent developing the soap business and making plans for a Bed & Breakfast in my house. ... xxxx
This is a wonderful job, i like very much! :)
Mari thank you very much. I'm lacking time to paint at the moment but it's temporary

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