Hello everyone,

I'm so busy soaping and getting ready for some XMas shows that I lack time to paint or draw at the moment but, I've been creating in a different manner.  Yesterday I made 396 Fizzy bath bombs of all different smell.  Oh the house smells heavenly.

Actually that's not 100% true I've been painting but I can't show you.    :(   Each year with our exchange Artcolony group we do a XMas painting to be exchanged between the members.  Because we all check each others blog I can't post a picture.  You will see it after XMas.

The second picture shows you part of the order I just finished for one of my client.  I'm sure glad it's done because now it's my turn.  I must do more products to get some XMas gift baskets ready for Friday night.  I'll show you pictures later.  I'm pooped!

I'm really happy to report that I got some orders of my new  soap internet site..  I'm pleased.  If I cover the cost of web hosting plus a bit more each month than for now I'm happy. 
I invite you to come shopping.  There's still time to shop and ship before XMas.


Good night all it's time for bed.

Francais a venir demain  


Fizzy Bath Bombs? I think I would have to buy a box just because of the title! Every time I used them I would smile! Good luck with your holiday sales!
Jane said…
You small bath bombs look like Christmas sweets...I can imagine the wonderful smell in your home :-)
Thank you both for your comments. I'm looking forward to a vacation after the holidays.

I'll be checking your wonderful blogs tonight.

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