Sadness / Tristesse


The vet was over yesterday to make sure we were taking the right decision. We decided to take one last Xray and he has decided to try something new.  We will work with that for two weeks maximum if that doesn't work out then we will follow through.  Let's pray it works.

Le vétérinaire était ici hier il est passé car il voulait être certain de notre décision.  Il a pris une dernière radiographie et nous avons décidé d'essayer une dernière chose pendant deux semaines.  Si cela ne fonctionne pas nous devrons suivre notre plan.  Prions car je l'aime tant.


It's with great sadness that I write this article today. For a little while now (too long) my life has been a bit difficult.  It seems like everything is slowly being taken away from me.  I try to stay focus on positive things and remain strong but this time it's a bit too much.

I'm really sad to say that this Wednesday my wonderful and loveable horse Phonso will be euthanized.  He's been suffering with a case of Laminitis and on a horse it's really painful.  The vet and I have tried many things but there isn't much else we can do to help him.  They have not really figured how how to stop this illness and he does not deserve to suffer.  

I love you dearly Phonso and for ever


C'est avec une immense tristesse que j'écris cet article sur mon blog.  Ma vie depuis un moment est difficile et tout semble m'être enlevé petit à petit.  J'ai toujours essayé de rester forte et attentive aux choses positives mais cette fois je suis au maximum de ma capacité humaine.

Je suis triste d'annoncer que ce mercredi mon cheval d'amour nommé Phonso devra être euthanasier.  Il souffre de fourbure aigüe aux pieds depuis un moment.  Le vétérinaire et moi avons essayer de le sauver mais en vain.  C'est une condition très souffrante chez le cheval et les traitements sont minimals alors je croit qu'il est temps de le libérer de ces douleurs.  Il ne mérite pas cette souffrance.  Je t'aime très fort Phonso et pour la vie


Anonymous said…
bonjour Christiane, courage amie et regarde les nuages parfois il sera là, bises.
Suzy Pal Powell said…
Christiane, I am heart sick over your dilemma. I am sooo sorry. He is such a beautiful animal.I wish something could be done. I know how hard it was to have to do this with our little 'Chula' (little mini pincher) she had diabetes. I am thinking about you. please try not to be so discouraged, hopefully things will let up soon! Love and prayers going to you..across the miles!
Suzy thank you for your warm comment I appreciate you stopped by. Yes, it's always difficult with the animals but this one is even harder for me. He was 7 months old when I got him. Some people will let time stop this illness but it's a very painful one I can't do that to him. I don't think animals should ever suffer. I decided to get one last picture of his sole to be sure the vet doesn't make a mistake and to reassure myself that I'm doing the right thing. But with all that is happening lately that wasn't necessary.
Janet Belich said…
Oh Christiane it's so hard for me to type...I have tears streaming down my face. Is there nothing more you can do ? I know you don't want him in pain. I feel horrible. I can't believe you have this. I'm so very sorry.
Janet thank you for your support. Yesterday the vet was unsure about this and took one last Xray. We will try something for 2 weeks max. xxxxx

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