Finished - Terminé

Terminé - Done

Je suis ravie d'avoir fait ce travail.  J'ai franchement bien aimé les crayons.  Je vais recommencer c'est certain.  C'est un médium très relaxant.   J'espère qu'elle vous plaît.

I'm pleased with the end results.  For a first it's good.  I really enjoyed playing around with the pencil.  I'll be doing more that's for sure it's such a relaxing medium.  Hope you like.


Irene Guimera said…
Your water flower is gorgeous. You must have great patience to work in pencils. The color blends are so delicate.

Your cat, Fanny, is darling! Hope you are well.
Irene thank you. Pencil work is actually relaxing I like it very much. I will probably try to do more but today back to the watercolor.

Fanny is indeed very pretty but a little terror. I'm never alone anymore that's for sure!

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