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Hello (english follows)

Voilà j'ai terminé.  J'aurais tant aimé enfin vous présenter une belle photo mais rien à faire je devrai la scanner.  Je suis ravie du résultat.

Ce travail fût un apprentisage croyez-moi.  Des couches et des couches de couleur sur un fond blanc.  Parce que j'ai appliqué plusieurs couleurs j'ai du utiliser un fixatif retouchable afin d'éliminer les (bloom) de cire.  Ils sont des accumulations qui nous empêche de continuer nos couches  de couleur.  Avec son utilisation il nous est encore possible de continuer l'application.  C'est cool !  Loin la vieille école ou nous utilisions les crayons à colorer une couleur à la fois. 


Here we are I'm done.  I'm pleased with the result although upset about the picture.  I'll have to scan this for sure.  This was a learning experience that I truly enjoyed.   As I mentioned before, I had to start with a layer of white to get some brighter colors.  I used many many layers to get this result.  I like working with the colored pencil it's close to watercolor meaning I work it the same way.  

Between the applications I had to use a workable fixatif to remove the wax bloom.  If you don't do that you can't keep adding colors it's to waxy.  Do you recall kindergarden  when we used to color.  Boy times have changed.   Hope you like it. 


Anonymous said…
Bonjour Christiane et le Canada , scanner c'est préférable, érable.
Unknown said…
I love it! The dark background is very striking and makes the fruits and the glass jump out so vibrantly! Thank you for explaining how this is done, working on the dark paper. I should try it some time! It's a beautiful piece!
Katherine you must try this it's really lots of fun.
After I finished I was thinking about the possibilities of creating textures using the white background against the normal one. My question was this: If I put the same color side by side one with the white behind one without it would already create a change right, so how can I use this to create a visual effect.

No sure this makes sense in a sentence but I'll try make an example.

Katherine you must try this I'm sure you will totally fall in love with this.

Thanks for stopping by.
Thinge merci oui c'est ce que je ferai.

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