Work in progress

Work in progress step no.1
 Hello everyone,

This is step one of a new work in progress.  Because I will be on holiday for a week I decided to play around in the studio at home.  It will be nice to be on a table and not moving around in the truck.

Yesterday I did this drawing and for once (a rare occasion) I started by the background.  

As you can see I started by applying some liquid frisquet to the hole painting.  Actually it's not true.  The first step was to apply a workable fixatif.  I use Krylon Workable fixatif.  That way when you remove the frisquet the drawing remains on the paper otherwise it would be gone.  Then the frisquet. 

I prepare my colors for the background.  This time I will only be using Daniel Smith colors;  Ultramarine Turquoise, Hooker green, Paynes gray, Undersea green, Sap green and a bit of Indigo.  

This is the first application.  Tonight after ridding the horses I will apply the second coat.  Stay tune my friends.

Here is step no. 2 I did this afternoon.  I really enjoyed doing the background first this way.  It gives us more freedom.  We'll see about the result.
Work in progress step no. 2


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