A church day / Jour d'églises

 Hello everyone,

Another great day driving around the country.  I enjoy this job so much.  I took the time to photograph some of the churches I saw along the road.  As you will see from the pictures below,  the architecture is totally different from one church to another.   Quebec has various nationalities and each of the them as a preference when it comes to their churches.

I wasn't able to stop so I can't really tell you much about the structures.  Enjoy them they are beautiful and simple.  From small to big, from white to darn they all have something special to represent. You can find the churches between Quebec City and Bécancourt on highway 132 in Quebec Canada.


Aujourd'hui j'ai pris le temps de prendre quelques photos de certaines églises qui se trouvaient sur mon chemin.  Elles sont merveilleuses.  Elles se trouvent entre la ville de Québec et Bécancourt dans la province du Québec sur la route 132.  Le Québec comporte plusieurs nationalités.  L'architecture représente bien les différences entre celles-ci.

Malheureusement je n'ai pu prendre d'information sur chacune alors prenez le temps de bien regarder.  De grandiose à petite de blanche à grise elles sont toutes différentes mais sympatiques.

The red highlight in this little map shows you the road I followed  today.    -  La ligne en rouge vous montre le chemin que j'ai suivi aujourd'hui.


See you tomorrow !  -  A demain 


That does it... I'm going to retire from teaching and become a truck driver. So many beautiful things you see every day! I love the painting in the sidebar today too!
Jane Freeman said…
These are wonderful and especially that top one! I love those bell towers! You are gettting lots of ideas for future paintings!! Thanks for bringing us along for the ride!!
Suzy Pal Powell said…
Christiane, these are fabulous!
that first church is unreal! i would love to go in it and see how it looks. thanks for sharing!!
Kay Smith said…
Beautiful churches! Beautiful country!!
Katherine, That's funny hihi. It's true I see so many beautiful things. Thank you for the comment and complement. Have a great day!
Jane I love to take picture but it's a bit difficult while moving. I know that people understand if they are a bit strange.
Suzy, Kay thank you for the comments. I too would love to see the interior but sure can't do that.

Kay thanks for stopping by.

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