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Too bad I can't have a nice picture.  In reality it's very luminous.  I purchased an excellent camera but it's so complicated that I can't even manage a nice picture outside.  I'll try again tomorrow but for now you can at least see the painting.

To all my viewers;   HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012

May it bring you joy, happiness, love but most of all HEALTH.  

This painting was a very bid challenge for me.  I rarely work a whole painting in the same local color.  Why this painting ??

I belong to a group called:  

The members of ArtColony are professional artists who have been showing their work for numerous decades and who compete on national and international levels. Many are workshop instructors and several are published authors.

Each month we try to motive ourselves with a challenge.  This month was all about white.  This was my contribution.  This painting is issued from a photo I took in Florence this year while touring on vacation.  

In this painting I used Daniel Smith;  Paynes Gray, Phtalo Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Umber and a little white gouach.  
I'm looking forward to your opinion. 


mollie jones said…
Christiane...the colors are marvelous on my the fluid feel of this painting.
Mollie hey sweet to see you here. Thanks. In reality I'm happy with it. It's a first and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Thanks for stopping by.

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