Good morning everyone.

It's a beautiful snowy day her in Quebec.  I love it!  Winter is the time of the year when I love to enter the studio, close the door and paint until darkness. 

Last night I prepared a paper for a new painting.  Although still working on my little girl I will tackle something new and bigger.  The sheet mesures 7' x 3.5'.  Yes you read right.   

When I visited Italy this year I wanted to find something colorful and different to paint.  I stopped in front of a candy shop and saw this:

After taking many photos of different angles my choice stopped at this one.  My intention is to create this painting  in the same manner I do my flowers.   I will work wet onto wet using large brushes and emotions.  
We'll see what happens. 

I will post work in progress pictures as I go.  I know this will take time but am looking forward to tackle this new idea.


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