Christiane in the semi at the end of a day
Good day everyone,

Hopefully when this message reaches you, you will be in great shape.  I sure am.

This is me in my portable studio.  I say portable because I drive a semi and in the evening when I stop I try to paint.  This is the studio area or should I say the bed, dining room, living and resting area. 
The truck I drive
This is the truck I drive.  A 53' semi.  I spend my time in there from Sunday night to Friday morning usually.  I drive across Canada to load and off load mostly flour used in animal food.  It's a passion. 

I enjoy every minute of it.  I'll be updating my blog regularly as of next week because I will finally be able to bring the laptop on board.  It was difficult to get the internet but I found a supplier for Canada that works very well.  It should be set by next week.

Red challenge
Painting in the truck is different from being in my studio.  First I have a light issue to deal with and secondly the movement of the truck caused by the engine running 24 hrs / day.  Because of that I must paint differently.  It's more like sketching than painting.  I can't control the water very much so I let it take it place and enjoy watching the result.    Remember I mentioned belonging to a group of professional artists called ArtColony.  Each month we take on a new challenge.  This month is a painting done in the color red.  This work in progress is for that challenge.  Let's hope I will be able to finish it by next week.

I am only using two colors:  Alizarin Crimson and Perm. Red.

See you soon!


martinealison said…
Vous êtes une femme extraordinaire et pleine de talent...
J'aime beaucoup l'ensemble de votre travail. Tant de délicatesse ! Un si grand contraste lorsque je regarde ce camion si, oui si grand/gros!...
Je n'aurais jamais pu songer que dans ce camion se cachait l'atelier roulant d'une artiste !...
Gros bisous
Bonsoir Martine,
Comment allez-vous? Merci pour le commentaire c'est apprécié. Effectivement il y a un grand contraste entre le travail sur camion et ma peinture. C'est surement la raison pour laquelle les fleurs m'inspirent. Elles sont douces sensibles et délicates tout contraire de ma vie extérieure.

Merci de votre passage Martine

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