Good morning,

I say good morning because here it's actually 1.46 am.  I just can't seem get to get to bed.  I've been playing in my internet site trying to update everything.  Lots of information out of date in there.  I've done the french version now is your turn (tomorrow maybe I should really thing of getting to bed for a bit).  

Here in Quebec (Canada) we've been having terrible weather.  With all of the changes taking place on the planet and in the atmosphere our winter period is turning into a fall period.  Imagine that, december 21st, time of the year when we should be expecting snow specially for XMas day on the 25th, instead rain and icing rain. It's horrible.

It's also the time of the year when we start thinking about sleigh ridding with the horses.  Maybe I should get them a swim suit hihi!

Back to business.  I've been getting back into this painting and started blocking some of the colors I will be using.  The composition should be very interesting. 
Sadly, I must once more apologize for the photo quality.  I purchased a wonderful camera and I think I may have to go take a course with it.  I just can't seem to take nice picture with it.  Sorry about the light situation.  Please feel free to comment on the painting.  Your ideas and suggestions on colors and composition are always welcome.


martinealison said…
J'aime la douceur de cette peinture...
Chez nous la neige a fait son apparition... Mais aujourd'hui, il pleut, alors je doute qu'elle tienne au sol!...
Je vous souhaite de joyeuses fêtes et une douce nuit de noël à vous et à tous ceux que vous aimez.
Gros bisous.
Unknown said…
This is going to be so beautiful. I know you'll get the hang of that camera quickly, you're so creative. Happy holidays to you!
Martine bonsoir. Pardonnez mon retard mais les fetes de Noel m'ont demande beaucoup de temps. Merci pour ce gentil commentaire. Joyeuses Fetes
Katherine hello. Sorry about the delay the holidays are busy around the farm. Thank you it's kind of you. Funny how camera can be so different. Hopefully yes I will get the hang of it. No sure hahaha. Happy holidays to you as well.

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