Hello everyone,

Sometime all you want to do in the studio is have fun and play with colors.  That is what I did today.  Now what !
You know it's not that my usual paintings are not fun it's just that lately I need to free myself up a bit and that's a perfect way to do it.  Believe it or not this is hard for me to do.    I have no idea of the outcome.  I'm playing around with shapes using cercles, triangles, squares, and rectangles.  Once happy with the shapes I will concentrate on the colors. 

This is done on arches hot press paper covered with gold gesso.  I'm using designer's gouache and watercolor for pigments.  The nice thing about the gesso is that you can just remove the gouache if you don't like it.  That way there is nothing to worry about.  You don't like it you just change it.  It's such fun. 


martinealison said…
... Laisser aller ses mouvements, jouer à la baguette du chef d'orchestre avec le pinceau...
Gros bisous
Martine bonjour. C'est un merveilleux message. Je t'avoue m'amuser énormément. Je suis du genre très difficile envers moi-même cela me permet de relaxer.

Merci de me suivre. En passant j'adore ton travail. Je suis certaine que tu t'amuse beaucoup. Continue de nous faire vivre des belles émotions par l'entremise de tes oeuvres.


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