Hello everyone,

Already October 10th, time flies doesn't it.  I had an amazing day cleaning out the flower beds.  It was a perfect fall day with an amazing array of colors and sun.  

As I promised, I took some pictures of the fall colors around here.  Jazz, my German Sheppard had a ball in the forest.  
This is the field next to the house.  The trees are slowly getting ready for winter but I must say ,  wih  such a hot day today it's a bit hard to believe that the snow will knock at our door in just a few weeks. (Oh!  I wish summer could stay all year around)  As I get older I admit having a hard time dealing with the cold.  Brrr!

 I tried to load some more pictures but they are to heavy.  I'll have to reduce them at work tomorrow.  So stay tune for more.


That is a beautiful grove of trees. The trees by my house are starting to get pretty too. In another week, they will be at their peak of color! Will you be able to get out and paint them? I enjoy your blog, and I look forward to your next painting!
Katherine hello,

You know I'm a big fan of the forest. It's where I take my daily walk with the dogs. The forest has been my refuge for many years now. When ever I get down or negative that is where I go. I have never painted the forest it's not really something that interest me. I think it's because I just don't want to share the special moments I spend in there.

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