Guess what!

I can't believe how rusted I am at watercolor.  I have totally ruined my small apple painting.  Gee!  No I will not show you hahah....   What was I thinking about.  Red and Green are opposite on the color wheel therefore they can't be mixed together.  Da!   I knew that.   So how does one do green and red apples. 

I will be starting over again and trust me in my years of watercolor it's the first time ever it happens. 

On another note, today in Quebec we can almost feel winter approaching.    Fall has established itself, the leaves are changing colors.  You should see the leaves changing from green to red to purple.  It's beautiful.  I will take some pictures to show you just as soon as the rain stops. 

I sure hope your watercolors are coming along great.  Back to painting. 
See you later!


So glad you posted this! Now I don't feel so bad for making all the mistakes I've been making with my painting! I will look forward to your next painting! And I bet it will be a gorgeous green and red apple!
martinealison said…
Ah parfois c'est navrant de voir son oeuvre non aboutie... mas il est aussi nécessaire de passer par des stades négatifs pour exceller ensuite...
J'ai hâte d'admirer vos photos automnales...
Je vous envoie un grand soleil.
Katherine thank you for writing it's appreciated. Martine vous avez bien raison. Dès que le soleil se pointe le nez je ferai des photos. Merci.
Jane said…
Even if there is no painting in your post it is nice to hear about your mistake, because we all do them! What you see posted is the final result of ...who knows how many 'disasters'. Must be really stunning the autumn colors in your place, looking forward to seeing the photos:-)
Jane yes fall around here is breath taking. Tomorrow should be a sunny day so I'll be out with my horses taking pictures for you guys.

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