It's me again.

There it is as promised.  I have moved the studio in the biggest and brightest room of the house.  "the master bedroom" .  I'm so happy with this move.

The room faces North giving me the perfect day light for painting.  The table is 4' x 8' and can easily accommodate  four students if needed and while they paint I can demonstrate on my drawing table.  So five people can easily paint and move around without disturbing their neighbor.

As you can see, I have installed a long 2" x 2" against the wall.  That way at the end of each class we can look at the paintings and talk about them.

I'm really enjoying this place and now I paint every morning before heading into the soap shop. It's time to advertise to get more students.  One day at the time right.  



Jane said…
What a wonderful place to paint, lucky you! Fantastic that you now get time to paint before going to work. Wish you luck in finding a lot of new students.
Unknown said…
That is one gorgeous, gorgeous studio! I could spend all day and night in there! Which begs the question... if that's the master bedroom, where do you sleep?
Jane I do love this new place. In the morning the light is wonderful. As for the students it's difficult right now. I usually get groups after XMas. Right now people spend their money on school.

Katherine thank you. As for my bedroom well I took over a spare room in the house. It's small but cozy and for some reason I don't understand, I sleep like a log in there.

Thanks for following me.

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