Hello everyone.

Recently I was asked to participate in a special weekend.  It took part in an apple orchard.  As you can see it was in a very old but beautiful barn.  I took a few of my remaining paintings with me but started painting some apples ... of course. 

It was a very pleasant and inspiring day.

This is the first one I started. There's only a couple of coats on it.  I worked on it some more since I will show you later.  It's 14'' x 36''.

This one is a full sheet and on the upper left corner it's a lavender plants.  They sell lavender so I thought it was a good idea to incorporated it.  I will go back there next weekend. 

Fun fun!


martinealison said…
Une belle enfilade de pommes... Moi qui rentre de Normandie je ne me sens pas dépaysée en vous visitant...
Je serai heureuse de voir l'évolution de votre travail prochainement.
gros bisous
Unknown said…
Your paintings look beautiful on those easels, and the barn with the sunlight filtering through is such a perfect setting for them! These apples are looking great too. Lovely work!
Sadeu said…
very good drawings and paintings, Christiane : )
a very nice Studio workshop ; )
Sadeu, thank you for stopping by. My studio is a very comfortable place to be in. So much light. Make sure you stop by again I love chatting.

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