Can you tell me why time flies in just a hurry .  How are we supposed to stop it.  My soap shop is taking over my life, I miss painting.  I remember the good old time when my paintbrush was my best friend.  What ever happened to that friend can anyone tell me.

Ok I'm opening this new title hoping to have some responses and comments for the following questions:

1.  How do you  make time to be in your studio?
2.  What are you favorite moment to paint ?
3.  How do you manage your time and art career or any other career?

I'm sure hoping for some special response one that could help me get motivated all over again.  Me Christiane boy the artist that couldn't leave the brush out of my hand for more than one day before.  Where am I ?


Jane said…
Dear Christiane. I normally paint in the evening, like from 9 pm until I can keep my eyes open. But I think, that when you start something new ( like opening a soap shop), it not only takes your time , but it fills your mind , therefore you don't find the time to paint simply because you don't have any inspiration. But I am sure it is only a question of getting into a routine , and you will be back with a brush in your hand!
Good luck with everything.
Jane it's so nice to see you back. As you said I've been so busy running this new business. There's also the fact that I had no place to paint since I took someone in the room that was once my studio. Just a few days ago I took a decison. I have taken over my own bedroom. I moved everything out and did my new studio in there. My bedroom is now a very small room in the house (it's absolutely perfect in fact) and my studio is great with a view north to the forest and the barn. I love it. I've been painting every night ever since until my eyes don't allow it anymore. I have 5 or 6 paintings to finish. I'm so happy and inspired again. Soap is great but painting is much better for the soul. I'll post a picture.

Jane thank you for you reply. I've been away from my blog so it's a bit dead. See you soon.

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