Here is the flower I've been working on. It's been a while since I worked on water drops I'm totally enjoying myself. I've been using both Daniel Smith and Winsor Newton watercolors. The primary color is Permanent pink which I mix with Hooker green to get a calmer color. I've been working with Sap and Hooker green and a mix of ultramarine blue.

After a full year without a studio I have finally recuperated my room. I had a friend living in there and he has moved out last week. So back to my place. I'm really happy to be able to paint everyday like I used to.

It's amazing how having your own space changes the way you enjoy yourelf. I'm not the type that can just sit at any table to paint. I need to be alone with myself have a candle going and some soft music in the background. I need my own space. So now no excuse. I must paint.

Stay tune for more!


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