Some of you know that I own a soap business and most of you don't so I wanted to share some pictures with you. I have always considered myself as an artist and creating soaps is part of it. I started this business a year ago because I was looking for something creative, new and exciting. to add to my portfolio at the same time as earning a little extra money. Adding this to my watercolor classes and my watercolor paintings is just perfect. I love each and every moment spent in the soap shop and work area. Mind you, it's lots of work. I've been work around the clock for the past year trying to get this business on the go. I'm happy I did and I will keep going. Hopefully someday I will make enough money to hire someone because the days are long and the night very short.

I was invited to participate in a special day at a friends business. This was my setup. People loved it and the results were great.

This next picture is part of the interior of the soap shop. I really enjoy my environment so do my clients.

This final picture is a pamphlet I did to advertise a special Halloween weekend on October 23 and 24th. We will be offering pumpkin cake, muffin, cookies, tea and coffee and of course special Halloween soaps and stuff. So if you live close to us come and pay us a little visit.

Sorry I don't have an english version.


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