It's a beautiful sunny day here in Québec, Canada. The lady bugs are back and flying around the house. You should see this site it's amazing and almost scary. When I first moved to the country I never knew about this. Every year around the same time thousands of lady bugs leave the corn fields to find a warm place for winter. Little did I know! They like the color white imagine that. Our house is white so let me tell you it's an amazing situation. They are all over the walls. It's even difficult to open the doors without having lots coming in.

This is a picture of the painting I now working on. It's not very clear I apologize but it's here. I'm working on a rose. The size is 10 x 12''. So far so good. As you can I have masked some rain drops with liquid masking in order to keep my white. I'm enjoying this. Hopefully it will turn out ok. It's been such a long time since I took the brushes I feel really rusted.

Hope you enjoy!


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