About time

Don't you all think it's about time I come back to this blog. So many things have happened that I won't even bother explaining but here I am now that's the only thing that counts.

What if everyday I write something. Something about my day, my life and what is happening here on the farm, the Soap shop and the animals. What if I share my life with you.

My soap team has been working very hard at building the soap shop. I am so very proud. Secondly, my watercolor students have asked me to teach a workshop and I will. We just have to find a place. I'm looking so forward to taking my life back. I will wear a back protector so the pain doesn't aggravate me more and forward we will go. Youppi!

I think every now and then one has difficult moments. It was my case. I've been away from my blog for at least one year it's time to move on and start fresh.

Great to be back! Let's get going shall we... I'll give you updates on my watercolor, soap shop and all. ciao see ya tomorrow


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