I do apologize, it's been such a long time again since I posted on my blog. Time is so busy around here I am lacking the time to sit and keep you posted.

Some greats things have happened. I have sold a painting and was asked to do another one so that's great news for me. I will be starting the watercolor classes in October with wonderful students so another great news.

As far as the soap goes I am up to 12 different colors and smell. You will be able to purchase some over my new upcoming site. It is not fully up yet but I'm working at it. It does take a long time to take pictures of the soap, build the site etc. It's really lots of work but I do want to get this going before XMas. I am also working on creating beautiful XMas basket. I love soap making it is such a creative project.

Life on the farm is slowly calming down with fall installed. I thank all my friends who were kind enough to come over and help during the summer season without them this land and place would not be as beautiful as it is. They fully understand my back limitation and I am very grateful for that. Thank you all so very much.

I'm back into the painting studio like every year in the fall. For some reason I don't paint in the summer (well the farm does have something to do with that hihi.... no time really !) I will be able to post some beautiful work (finally). They have been in the studio waiting for me to return so wait and watch.

As you can see lots is happening around here. Even if I wasn't available to chit chat over here I have been very busy. Hope you enjoy the post see you soon.


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