New Studio / Nouveau studio

Hello everyone,

Hopefully you are all having a great time. The weather is starting to show sigh of spring isn't that wonderful.

I wanted to share the new studio space just waiting for me to settle in. As I mentioned before I'm a bit like a turtle at this time but hopefully I'll bounce back on my feet soon enough.

Here are a few pictures taken during the construction of the studio. It used to be the place where the goats lived, so lots of work was done to make it look like this.

After the carpenter opened up the ceiling to receive a chandelier some work was done on the walls . A venetian faux finish was created to give the studio a old feeling. I love Italy and felt right at home over there so I re-created that feeling with this finish . Sorry the pictures aren't all that great but I will post the completely finished studio in due time.

Then as per this picture, false ceramic and mosaic were done one the floor.

The second picture show the opening in the ceiling where the chandelier will be installed. It creates a fun environment with architectural details.

I love contrats so between the honey colors on the walls, the turquoise and the brown furnitures I will be up and creative in no time.

This picture is showing the other corner of the studio. It's not very big but it's enough to be happy. I'm happy to get out of the house.

The windows are on the north side so the light will be perfect. Hopefully you will enjoy this post.

See you all later.


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